About Home Construction Loan

It’s time to make your dream of constructing your own house come true. Home Construction Loans offered by EM Money Pvt Ltd are tailored for individuals seeking financial support to construct a house on a vacant plot. Starting from planning to execution, cover diverse expenditures effortlessly with this exclusive secured loan.

The unique feature of this advance is that loan disbursements are in the form of installments as per the requirements of the borrower.

As the borrower, place your disbursal requests whenever you require the funds, and we shall release the amount based on the stage of construction. You need not go through the hassle of managing cash, but simply focus on your project.

Additionally, save extra by paying interests only on the funds used instead of the total principal.

Home Construction Loan: Eligibility and Documents

EM Money  ensures this Home Loan is accessible to borrowers with a pan-India coverage. Our simple eligibility criteria along with minimal documentation are easy to follow and fulfil.

How to Apply?


It’s easy and hassle-free to apply for a Home Construction Loan with EM Money Pvt ltd. Log in to the official page of online application form, enter all the correct data as required, recheck and submit.