Loan against Property

Pledge your property to meet your personal or business goals with Loan Against Property.
Apply for Loan Against Property by pledging your commercial or residential property as collateral. Get up to 60-80% of your property’s value, competitive interest rates and customised options with the hassle-free processing on Loan Against Property.

With low EMIs and speedy loan approvals, our Loan Against Property is the ideal solution to meet your immediate financial needs.

Customized to meet your needs may it be expansion of business, or foreign education for your children – whatever your need.

Types of Mortgage Loans Offered –

Dropline Overdraft (DOD )

Loan Against Rent Receivables (LARR)

Loan for Purchase of Commercial Property (LCP)


Dropline Overdraft Product is a unique overdraft limit based facility where limit is downsized on a monthly basis. Customer can utilize the limit as per his requirement and interest is charged only on utilized amount. Flexibility of Repayment – No EMI
Limit Drop Amount Calculation : Drop Amount = Limit or Loan amount / Loan Tenure


LARR is offered to approved borrowers deriving a stable and assured income stream in the form of Rent from an acceptable /credible lessee.
Property mortgaged should be the same from where the lease rentals are considered for eligibility.


Purpose – For purchase of Commercial Property
Type of loan – Term Loan
Type of property – Mortgage of ready possession for Commercial Property being acquired (only shops & office premises). Property to be approved for commercial usage by appropriate civic authorities.