Twitter may possibly not be eHarmony…but what do you do should your crush wants to tweet away? And do you. Now what?

Here is how-to flirt on Twitter:

1. Choose a cute avatar and compose an inspired, quick bio.

2. Follow folks smartly. If you like the crush to adhere to you on Twitter, you almost certainly must not be soon after a slew of half-clothed strangers. Select interesting men and women, your preferred stars and writers, and career-relevant Twitter reports to follow along with.

3. Follow your own crush.

4. Tweet. Never merely retweet situations or blog post images, tweet amusing, fascinating (and grammatically non-offensive) sentences.

5. Reply to your crush’s tweets. Retweet their funniest findings. (do not retweet everything, however, if you do not wanna encounter as a stalker.) Casually engage him/her in talk. If he’s tweeting about their search singles for the city’s greatest pancakes, advise your chosen brunch place.

6. Essential: believe before you decide to tweet. End up being especially mindful after every night of sipping. (Drunk-tweeting may be the brand new drunk-dialing. Absolutely nothing great previously will come from it.)

7. Flirt with one person at a time. In case your crush finds that he/she is regarded as people you lead amusing, flirtatious tweets at, your odds of actually ever establishing a commitment with this individual tend to be officially more than.

8. Go slow and keep it clean. You shouldn’t sent unlimited tweets his/her method. Avoid juicy, innuendo-filled vocabulary. Twitter is public. If you don’t wish your mother and father or your boss checking out your own tweets, don’t hit “Tweet.”

9. Move to drive texting. It is possible to discuss more information that is personal (such as your number) in an even more exclusive setting.

10. Related to no. 9: contact him/her. Use the chatting off-line. Chat in the cellphone — and ask him/her out.